2.B.3 - Adipic Acid Production

Short description

In source category NFR 2.B.3 - adipic acid production NOx and CO emissions from the production of adipic acid are reported. As there are only three producers of adipic acid, activity data provided by them has to be treated as confidential. Due to this reason, only emissions could be reported.

Category Code Method AD EF
2.B.3 T3 PS C

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Method(s) applied
D Default
T1 Tier 1 / Simple Methodology *
T2 Tier 2*
T3 Tier 3 / Detailed Methodology *
CS Country Specific
M Model
* as described in the EMEP/EEA Emission Inventory Guidebook - 2019, in category chapters.
(source for) Activity Data
NS National Statistics
RS Regional Statistics
IS International Statistics
PS Plant Specific
As Associations, business organisations
Q specific Questionnaires (or surveys)
M Model / Modelled
C Confidential
(source for) Emission Factors
D Default (EMEP Guidebook)
CS Country Specific
PS Plant Specific
M Model / Modelled
C Confidential

NOx NMVOC SO2 NH3 PM2.5 PM10 TSP BC CO Heavy Metals POPs

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L/- key source by Level only
-/T key source by Trend only
L/T key source by both Level and Trend
-/- no key source for this pollutant
IE emission of specific pollutant Included Elsewhere (i.e. in another category)
NE emission of specific pollutant Not Estimated (yet)
NA specific pollutant not emitted from this source or activity = Not Applicable


As this source category is a key category for N2O emissions, plant specific activity data is applied according to the IPCC guidelines that is optained basically via a co-operation agreement with the adipic acid producers.

A single data collection of plant specific NOx and CO emissions and related emission factors for one year (2016) was sufficient as the emissions are below the threshold of significance. The derived emission factors are applied to the entire time series and for every plant.

Activity Data

Due to confidentiality concerns, this data is not published (see short description).

Emission factors

Due to confidentiality concerns, this data is not published (see short description).


With all input data remaining unrevised, no recalculations were made compared to the previous submission.

Planned improvements

No category-specific improvements are planned.