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1.A.4 - Small Combustion (OVERVIEW)

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NFR 1.A.4 - Small Combustion comprises combustion systems in the areas Commercial and Institutional (NFR 1.A.4.a), Residential (NFR 1.A.4.b), and Agriculture (NFR 1.A.4.c), along with various mobile sources.

NFR-Code Name of Category
1.A.4 Small Combustion
including / consisting of sub-categories:
1.A.4.a i, b i, c i Stationary Small Combustion
1.A.4.a ii, b ii, c ii, c iii Small Combustion: Mobile Sources

The group of stationary combustion systems in the residential and commercial/institutional sectors is very diverse with regard to installation design and size. It covers a spectrum that includes individual room furnaces for solid fuels with a rated thermal output of approximately 4 kW (e.g. fireplaces, ovens), oil and gas furnaces used to generate room heat and hot water (e.g. central heating boilers), hand-fed and automatically fed wood-burning furnaces in the commercial sector.

Besides stationary combustion, mobile sources are covered, too: From fork lifters in NFR 1.A.4.a ii -Commercial / Institutional: Mobile via lawn mowers in NFR 1.A.4.b ii - Residential: Household and Gardening: Mobile to vehicles and other mobile machinery used in NFR 1.A.4.c ii - Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing: Off-road Vehicles and Other Machinery and the emissions of the German deep sea fishing fleet under NFR 1.A.4.c iii - Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing: National Fishing.