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2.C - Metal Production (OVERVIEW)

Metal production comprises the following categories and sub-categories:

In the CSE data base, the subcategory NFR 2.C.1 - Iron and Steel production includes sinter production, pig-iron production, oxygen steel production, electric steel production, hot and cold rolling and iron and steel castings.
The subcategories NFR 2.C.2 - Production of Ferroalloys, 2.C.5 - Lead production, 2.C.6 - Zinc production and 2.C.7.a - Copper production are listed directly as such in the CSE.
NFR 2.C.3 - Aluminium production is subdivided into primary aluminium and remelted aluminium.
The subcategory NFR 2.C.7.c - Other metal production includes thermal galvanisation.