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Chapter 3 - NFR 1 - Energy

Energy and heat generation constitute the most important sources of emissions in Germany. This holds true for almost every pollutant (a prominent exception of this rule being ammonia, mainly from agriculture). Consequently, this section will look into the sub-sectors making up the NFR 1 - Energy sector with great detail. For overview information on key activity statistics and the basis for fuel based estimates please refer to Chapter 1.4 - Methods and Data Sources.

NFR 1 consists of the following sub-categories:

NFR-Code Name of category
1.A Fuel Combustion Activities
1.A.1 Energy Industries
1.A.2 Fuel Combustion Activities in Industries and Construction
1.A.3 Transport
1.A.4 Small Combustion
1.A.5 Other (including Military)
1.B Fugitive Emissions
1.B.1 Solid Fuels
1.B.2.a Liquid Fuels
1.B.2.b Gaseous Fuels
1.B.2.c Flaring
1.B.3 Geothermal Energy

Visual overview

Emission trends for main pollutants in NFR 1 - Energy: NFR 1 emission trends per category NFR 1 emission trends per category, from 2005

Contribution of NFRs 1 to 6 to the National Totals, for 2021  Percental contributions of NFRs 1 to 6 to the National Totals