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Editors: Patrick Gniffke, Michael Kotzulla, Kevin Hausmann

Illustrations: Kristina Juhrich, Michael Kotzulla

Chapter Author(s)
Executive Summary Kevin Hausmann
1 - Introduction Christian Boettcher, Patrick Gniffke, Michael Kotzulla, David Kuntze
1.1 - Inventory Background Dirk Guenther
1.2 - Institutional arragements Dirk Guenther
1.3 - Inventory Preparation Process Kevin Hausmann
1.4 - Methods and Data Sources Christian Boettcher
1.5 - Key source analysis David Kuntze
1.6 - QA/QC and Verification Methods Stephan Schiller
1.7 - General Uncertainty Evaluation Kevin Hausmann
1.8 - Assessment of completeness Kevin Hausmann
2 - Explanation of Key Emission Trends Patrick Gniffke
3 - Energy Christian Boettcher, Kristina Juhrich, Michael Kotzulla, Sebastian Plickert (1.A.1.c)
- Stationary Fuel Combustion Kristina Juhrich
- Mobile Fuel Combustion Michael Kotzulla
- Fugitive Emissions from Fuels Christian Boettcher
4 - Industrial Processes and Product Use Folke Dettling, Robert Kludt, David Kuntze, Sebastian Plickert, Christian Lehmann, Almut Reichart, Jens Reichel
- Mineral Industry (2.A) Robert Kludt
- Chemical Industry (2.B) David Kuntze, Jens Reichel, Robert Kludt
- Metal Production (2.C) Sebastian Plickert, Christian Lehmann, Jens Reichel
- Other Solvent and Product Use (2.D) Folke Dettling, Robert Kludt, Michael Kotzulla, David Kuntze, Jens Reichel
- Other Product Use (2.G) David Kuntze, Jens Reichel, Michael Kotzulla
- Other (Pulp & Paper, Food) (2.H) Almut Reichart (2.H.1), Uli Gromke (2.H.2)
- Wood Processing (2.I) Robert Kludt
- Production of POPs (2.J) N.N.
- Consumption of POPs and Heavy Metals (2.K) N.N.
- Other Production, Consumption, Storage, (…) Bulk Products (2.L) Michael Kotzulla
5 - Agriculture Hans-Dieter Haenel and Claus Roesemann (Thuenen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture), Ulrike Doering (UBA), Patrick Gniffke (UBA)
6 - Waste Kristina Juhrich, Stephan Schiller
5.A, 5.B, 5.D, 5.E.1 Stephan Schiller
- Open Burning of Waste (5.C.2), Building and Car Fires (5.E.2) Robert Kludt
7 - Natural Sources: Forest Fires Katja Oehmichen and Wolfgang Stuemer (Thuenen Institute of Forest Ecosystems)
8.1 - Recalculations Michael Kotzulla
8.2 - Improvements Kevin Hausmann (co-ordinater), Christian Boettcher, Stephan Schiller, Michael Kotzulla
9 - Projections Kevin Hausmann
Chapter 10.1 - Point Sources & Chapter 10.2 - Gridded Data Kevin Hausmann, Ulrike Doering
11 - Adjustments Kevin Hausmann (co-ordinater), Michael Kotzulla (1.A.3.b), Ulrike Doering (3.B, 3.D, 3.I)
Appendices to the German Informative Inventory Report Michael Kotzulla (co-ordinater)

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