2.B.6 - Titanium Dioxide Production

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Category Code Method AD EF
2.B.6 T3 C C
Key Category SO₂ NOₓ NH₃ NMVOC CO BC Pb Hg Cd Diox PAH HCB TSP PM₁₀ PM₂.₅
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D Default
RA Reference Approach
T1 Tier 1 / Simple Methodology *
T2 Tier 2*
T3 Tier 3 / Detailed Methodology *
CS Country Specific
M Model
* as described in the EMEP/CORINAIR Emission Inventory Guidebook - 2007, in the group specific chapters.
AD - Data Source for Activity Data
NS National Statistics
RS Regional Statistics
IS International Statistics
PS Plant Specific data
AS Associations, business organisations
Q specific questionnaires, surveys
EF - Emission Factors
D Default (EMEP Guidebook)
C Confidential
CS Country Specific
PS Plant Specific data

In NFR 2.B.6, SO₂ emissions from the production of titanium dioxide are reported.


Activity Data

For the production of titanium dioxide, the producers report the sum of all SO₂-emissions. As these emissions are confidential, they are included in the respective emissions reported for sulphuric acid production.

Emission Factors

Due to confidentiality concerns, this data is not made public.


For SO₂ emissions from the production of titanium dioxide and sulphuric acid, estimates reported for the second to last year of the time series are routinely actualised by the producers. Furthermore, definite emissions for the last year of the time series are not yet available at the time the inventory is compiled. Here, the reported values represent a prediction and are therefore updated with each new submission as well.

Because of technical problems with the data transfer, there is a small recalculation for titanium dioxide production for 2015 and 2016.

For pollutant-specific information on recalculated emission estimates for Base Year and 2018, please see the pollutant specific recalculation tables following chapter 8.1 - Recalculations.

Planned improvements

In the NEC Review Germany was requested to calculate emissions of NOx, CO and TSP from titanium dioxide production. Germany tries to collect the data needed to calculate these emissions.

For the Key Category Analyses the emissions of SOx from TiO2 production are wrongly allocated to 2B10a. Germany plans to reallocate these emissions in the next submission back to TiO2.